Antitrust Litigation

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Originally conceived as a boutique litigation practice, the Firm quickly recognized the need to add additional lawyers to staff complex cases. From the core of five lawyers, the Firm has grown sufficiently to provide quality representation in the following areas of practice.

FWL’s business litigation and class action defense experience naturally evolved and serves as the foundation for the firm’s Antitrust Litigation practice. Attention to the details surrounding complex business transactions and mass litigation strategies is the hallmark of a successful antitrust defense and where FWL excels.

The firm served as local defense counsel in the tobacco price-fixing class action. FWL has assumed the role of local defense counsel in both the EMI and MSG-Nucleotide price-fixing class actions. The firm, along with national counsel, are defending an Attorney General Anti-trust litigation in the Circuit Court of Mason County, West Virginia.

FWL accepts antitrust representation throughout the state of West Virginia and in certain regions of Kentucky and Ohio, as requested.

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