Commercial Business Litigation

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Originally conceived as a boutique litigation practice, the Firm quickly recognized the need to add additional lawyers to staff complex cases. From the core of five lawyers, the Firm has grown sufficiently to provide quality representation in the following areas of practice.


FWL is one of the few firms in the region with a lawyer, Michael J. Farrell, who has been recognized as a ‘business litigator’ by the Best Lawyers in America publication. He has had this distinction for a number of years. Beginning in 2009, the Best Lawyers publication identified Mr. Farrell as a lawyer if your business faced “Bet-The-Company litigation.” Mr. Farrell and his team of FWL commercial trial lawyers have the experience necessary to litigate the commercial disputes which have contributed to the nationwide litigation explosion. Disappointed business partners seek redress for failed expectations. Employees and former employees perceive litigation as the alternative to getting rich through the lottery. Restrictive employment covenants are contested. Stock portfolios lose value, and broker claims require a vigorous defense. Frequently, there is a need for competent and aggressive representation when money is at stake because a contract was breached or business expectation unfulfilled.

A review of the FWL business litigation case listing demonstrates that a diverse array of issues have been resolved for our clients in the courtroom rather than the boardroom. Litigation is always disruptive to the operation of a business. When a business dispute arises, the choice of a mature, competent and experienced lawyer is essential. Very often, a potential client has a problem and consults a business or tax lawyer for advice. In Great Britain, the procedure would be to consult a solicitor (advisor) who will take the client to a barrister (trial lawyer). While FWL has lawyers who can write a contract, as importantly, its lawyers have the skills to evaluate, attack or defend the enforceability of a contract.

The intrusion of government into the business environment creates multiple occasions for defending claims based on non-compliance with federal or state law. Delay in addressing these and other legal problem can be injurious to the capacity to successfully prevail. FWL’s business litigation lawyers will promptly, efficiently and competently represent each of its clients. Businessmen and women rely on forecasts to guide the development of their businesses. FWL’s lawyers accept the same obligation to evaluate the problem and forecast the possible alternative results.

FWL accepts representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky as requested. Only with the comfort of litigation forecasts from mature, competent lawyers can a client make the right decision.

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