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Originally conceived as a boutique litigation practice, the Firm quickly recognized the need to add additional lawyers to staff complex cases. From the core of five lawyers, the Firm has grown sufficiently to provide quality representation in the following areas of practice.


Few law firms have the criminal law experience possessed by the FWL lawyers.

Joseph M. Farrell, Jr. has tried a significant number of felony cases to jury verdict as defense counsel. During his tenure as criminal defense lawyer at FWL, he has defended clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors by both federal and state prosecutors. While the range of criminal charges may range from a DUI to first degree murder, FWL has a lawyer who has and can defend against the charge.

They have also been actively involved in white collar crime cases including grand jury appearances. For white collar crime cases, Michael J. Farrell is also available. Among his criminal law successes is the successful defense of a sitting Governor who was indicted, prosecuted and acquitted in Federal Court. The synergy between FWL’s health care experience and criminal investigations of health care providers makes our Firm particularly appropriate if the health care provider is the subject of or a witness in a federal or state grand jury investigation.

Time is of the essence in selecting a lawyer when a criminal investigation commences. A person or corporation subjected to a criminal investigation needs competent criminal counsel sooner rather than later. The time for retention of criminal defense counsel is as soon as the client has any indication that the criminal investigation has started.

FWL accepts criminal law representations throughout the states of West Virginia and Kentucky as requested.

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