Disciplinary Board Representation

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Originally conceived as a boutique litigation practice, the Firm quickly recognized the need to add additional lawyers to staff complex cases. From the core of five lawyers, the Firm has grown sufficiently to provide quality representation in the following areas of practice.


In West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio, every professional who has a license is subject to license suspension and revocation. FWL’s experience confirms that many claims filed against a professional are without merit. Notwithstanding, the doctor, nurse, lawyer, engineer, architect or other professional should not risk a blemish on his or her record by failing to address every complaint. Unlike a jury trial before six lay persons, professional licensure boards include other fellow professionals. They understand the nuances and ambiguities which may cause a patient or client to be come dissatisfied and file a complaint.

Because any adverse disposition of a complaint may have future economic and licensure complications, FWL’s lawyers investigate, evaluate and defend every complaint fully. In recent years, the bulk of the FWL representations have been before the West Virginia State Board of Medicine, State Board of Nurses and West Virginia State Bar Ethics Committee.

FWL accepts representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky and Ohio as requested.

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