Professional Liability

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Originally conceived as a boutique litigation practice, the Firm quickly recognized the need to add additional lawyers to staff complex cases. From the core of five lawyers, the Firm has grown sufficiently to provide quality representation in the following areas of practice.


Farrell, White & Legg handles professional liability claims for commercial business and product venues.  Farrell, White & Legg has experience with explosion cases (from alleged engineering design and structural design), tolerance cases (from alleged failed engineering calculation of tolerances of internal and external motor and machine design), structural (alleged improper calculations leading to stress failures ), safety (including alleged OSHA violations), structural calculation and materials claims (such are failure to utilize proper materials for the varying weather conditions), and collapse and systems failures related to structures and devices.  Michael J. Farrell was appointed as lead counsel to manage the engineering malpractice claim arising out of the construction of Marshall University’s football stadium.  Farrell, White & Legg understands the science and has contacts in various fields for expert representation.

FWL accepts  representations throughout the states of West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.

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