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Situated in Huntington, West Virginia, we are a specialized team of lawyers that match and exceed performance capacity ordinarily found at a firm ten times our size.

We have the courtroom and case preparation experience that make our clients comfortable in the most complex and difficult cases. The Firm is staffed to respond to the rapidly changing conditions and challenges confronting corporate clients, insurers and professionals.

The first tenet of our Mission is quality. Quality legal representation and counseling is the foundation of the firm’s practice. It is the hallmark of zealous advocacy and client counseling. Quality legal representation and counseling has many intersecting components which collectively comprise the building blocks for the Firm’s and its clients’ success.

The second tenet is experience. The Firm’s leadership has more than 125 years of collective legal experience and talent dedicated to this core tenet. Efficient and economic representation is one means by which the Firm demonstrates its respect and commitment to the law, the judicial system and sustainable client relationships.

The third tenet is communication. Advocacy requires effective communication. Counseling requires effective communication. Communication is an essential means by which quality and efficient outcomes are achieved.

The fourth tenet is professionalism. The honor bestowed upon any Attorney to practice law and represent the legal rights and responsibilities of its clients is a cherished privilege. Professionalism is a mandate within the firm. Professionalism is a key component of the United States’ civil and criminal justice systems. Our Attorneys are committed to aggressive and successful representation of our clients and service to our communities with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

The fifth and last tenet is integrity. Integrity is reliability. Integrity is consistency. Integrity is legal representation with no surprises.

Farrell, White & Legg PLLC is committed to delivering legal representation and counseling to its clients based upon its core tenets of quality, experience, communication, professionalism and integrity. The Firm serves its clients, the judicial system and the communities in which its employees work and live through generations of experience and its commitment to its core tenets.

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