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Originally conceived as a boutique litigation practice, the Firm quickly recognized the need to add additional lawyers to staff complex cases. From the core of five lawyers, the Firm has grown sufficiently to provide quality representation in the following areas of practice.


Health care law issues arise every day. Some originate with patient injuries, privacy disputes, credentialing issues, licensure complaints, criminal investigations, grand jury appearances, hearings, and trials, employment contracts, insurance disputes, reimbursement and other financial issues often thrust a healthcare provider into the legal world.

Both litigation and commercial disputes can be hazardous for the participants in the health care community. FWL lawyers understand health care and understand the issues which impact this essential service. FWL’s lawyers have more than 100 years of service to health care providers. Among our lawyers is Tammy White, the preeminent lawyer-nurse practicing in this region. Her accolades include the Chairpersonship of the International Association of Defense Trial Counsel Medical Defense and Health Law Committee. She has published national and internationally regarding Medicare compliance. Joseph Farrell, Jr. represents two West Virginia Hospitals and provides litigation and health law advisory services. The legal assistant staff includes nurses who have a diversified set of clinical experiences which enable them to efficiently and professionally evaluate medico-legal issues.

Our practice areas include many specific health care subjects because providers, as potential clients, need sufficient information to select the right lawyer for the problem presented. For many health care clients, the threshold issue is defining the problem. Medical school, nursing school and hospital administration programs devote scant attention to survival in a environment. FWL lawyers are equally adept in assisting the client to avoid litigation as well as litigating the case which has already been filed.

Our pledge is simple. If you are a health care provider and have civil, contractual, employment, criminal or licensure legal problems, we will assess them, identify your options and make a recommendation how to proceed. If a trial or hearing is necessary, FWL will provide a highly skilled trial lawyer. At FWL, you have the comfort of knowing that we have the talent, experience and capacity to define your legal problems and design a strategy to resolve them successfully.

FWL accepts representations throughout the state of West Virginia and in proximate regions of Kentucky as requested.

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